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Lolita outfits from the last several months, cross posted! [Feb. 15th, 2014|01:40 pm]
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2014 Lolita Wardrobe Post [Jan. 15th, 2014|04:27 pm]
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DS/AFC: Wrist cuffs with detachable/interchangeable bows [Oct. 13th, 2013|10:12 pm]
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Photos from as far back as January 2012! [Jul. 16th, 2013|01:38 pm]
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I realized I posted my room photos to EGL and never cross posted them here! [Feb. 22nd, 2013|08:44 pm]
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Writer's Block: Just Say No! [Feb. 24th, 2012|02:56 pm]

What bad habit have you broken?

Drinking soda! It's been almost two years now and the most I have is one can a week. The rest of the time it's good old water :)
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Sorry to spam [Feb. 14th, 2012|08:56 pm]
Sorry to be annoying but if you could like this facebook page and like my photo to throw me a vote I would really appreciate it :)

Page here

I don't actually think I'll come close to winning, and I'm sure there will be a huge number of extra entries, but what the heck, I thought I would give it a go :)
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2012|10:31 am]
Reminder about this Alienware laptop giveaway
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2012|10:28 am]
This time it's a giveaway for Mac goodies!  Including a laptop!
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Alienware Laptop Giveaway [Jan. 20th, 2012|11:08 am]
For those interested entry is incredibly easy, so check it out!

Good luck :)
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