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[Dec. 19th, 2008|07:14 pm]


This is going to be in all bold so the world will listen.
I have posted a similar message on my Myspace and Facebook and now here.  I'm hoping everyone that talks with me will see it.

I DO NOT answer messages, IMs or texts during work.

I DO NOT have yahoo messenger for chatting, I have it only to talk to my boss while working.

I DO NOT give out my yahoo email address because I want you to add me on messenger, I give it to you to send me emails.

I DO try and answer important emails but I DO NOT have time to answer a bunch of generic "What's up?!" messages.

I WILL NOT answer texts, IMs or messages during work asking me if I'm working, that's silly and I would be making exceptions to answer those all day.

I AM NOT angry, I'm upset that people think I'm singling them out and ignoring them or am angry at them.

I DO keep up with livejournal because of the nature of my work schedule.  I get random three minute breaks thoughout my work day so I refresh my friends page or make an entry.  That IS NOT enough time to initiate a conversation or start new chats.

I AM still in Chanute and will be until after the Disney trip.

I DO NOT have set work hours so you never know when I'll be working.  I tend to work really really late.

I am sorry it has to be like this but I get so many messages asking me if I'm mad at them or ignoring them.  NO NO NO I feel like a broken record.  I WILL NOT make exceptions to reply during work hours, when I did that it took an hour off my day.  I work BY FILE not BY HOUR.  The longer it takes to get my work done the less money I am making.

Sorry to fill up your friends page with this randomness but it's getting really really obnoxious.  I'm not a super social person and am usually staying at home or going out with my sister on the weekends.  I AM NOT blowing people off to go "partying with my other friends".  I AM OBNOXIOUSLY NOT SUPER SOCIAL!!  I am not old enough to buy alcohol so bars are boring and I'm not a huge fan of clubs.  Parties with lots of alcohol also make me uncomfortable because of my age and I hate just wandering around wasting time. I like ALWAYS having something to do!!  I always have sewing projects, commissions, or work.

Bottom line?  IT IS NOT PERSONAL!!  I am just a boring workaholic

The best way to talk to me is just to message me on livejournal or comment on my journal.

Thanks for reading and being patient with me ~ Once again, I am not angry I am just trying to finally get this message across


[User Picture]From: miu_bearbear
2008-12-30 05:59 pm (UTC)
i feel ultra dumb since i just read this @_@
i guess i'll send ya that girls info :o
i'll make a post :D
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