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DS/AFC: Wrist cuffs with detachable/interchangeable bows

~I ship packages first class mail or parcel post in the US (priority is extra)
~I only provide tracking number upon request for the additional cost
~Tracking for international packages is not possible and they are shipped parcel post
~Speedy delivery is available for international packages but is very expensive
~I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking or insurance.
~I have two non-shedding dogs and I try and keep them away from my items but I wanted to forewarn anyway
~Items are from a nonsmoking household
~I have over 100 positive feedback as seen here and no negative feedback
~The first person to ask a question about the item has dibs, not the first person to leave a PP address.
~If you do not respond back or pay an invoice within 12 hours I will pass the item to the next person without warning
~There are no added fees, the price is what it is
Wrist Cuffs
I am available for commission on wrist cuffs in lots of lace and color combinations!
As stated in the cut text, orders will be completed and shipped by Monday at the latest, some even sooner than that :)
Here are some past examples

Lace available for orders

These are all black except the top cotton which is dark grey
Any combination of these laces can be made, these are simply laid
out to give examples

This picture was over brightened!
The bottom lace is dark navy like the ribbon shown, the top lace is a slightly lighter navy

These are some various pinks in various styles

Mint Green (true color shown here )
Dark navy/grey
And an assortment of offwhite lace combinations
And here are the basic white laces that can be combined however you like

For the base ribbon, as seen here

The color choices are satin ribbon in the following colors
Light Pink
Sax Blue
Bow examples are seen here

Chocolate brown, light pink, offwhite, white, sax blue, vibrant blue, navy blue, black, red
Grossgrain polka dots:
Pink, blue, black, red
Faux pearls are also available in white, offwhite and black, see the example below!
The bows and wrist cuffs each have snaps on the, so you can change out the colors
and styles for each outfit :)

All black lace: $28 shipped US
Pink or cream lace: $27 shipped US
All white lace: $24 shipped US

International shipping please add $7
(insane I know, recent postage prices are crazy :( )

Each pair includes one free set of bows
Additional bows: $3 per set

If you order two pairs of wrist cuffs you will get an additional set of bows free!
This means for the price of two sets you will get three sets of bows :)
Example order

Thanks for looking!

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