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2014 Lolita Wardrobe Post

I have been collecting my lolita dresses and accessories for over six years now and I am very excited to share them with you!

Apologies in advance for excessive photos and text.
I tried to go in order from the head to toe so skip to the middle for dresses.

Alright, here we go!

Top to bottom, left to right:

Left to right, top to bottom:
AP, Btssb, IW, Btssb, AP (bow from skirt), Claire's/homemade
IW, IW, Btssb, AP, AP
IW, IW, AP, Claire's, IW, Btssb, Btssb

I did not take the time to photograph all of the little extra pieces, flowers, clips, etc.

Here are some of my wigs, (the rest are stored in their bags) and the remainder of my headwear
Left to right, top to bottom:
Cosplay wig, Home decorated hat, cosplay wig, Tokyo Disney bow, AP, Swimmer, cosplay wig
AP witch hat, AP ice cream cone, AP hat, AP bow, AP veiled bow, AP beret, AP bow

My first bonnet currently on its way to me in the mail!


Back Row:  Etsy, Wal-Mart
Second from Back: Offbrand, Sanrio
Middle Row:  Etsy, Sorbet Jungle, Claire's, Angelic Pretty
Second to Bottom:  Offbrand, Sorbet Jungle, Betsey Johnson, Offbrand
Bottom Row:  Offbrand, Betsey Johnson, offbrand

And this lovely set of macaron earrings my mother brought me back from a trip to Japan

Back Row:  Etsy/Sanrio, AP, AP, AP, etsy
Bottom Row:  Tokyo Disney, Betsey Johnson, offbrand (awesome present from a friend!), offbrand

Wrist Cuffs

Left Column, top to bottom:
Offbrand/home altered, AP, AP, AP, AP

The wrist cuffs on the right side of the photo are made by me.
The bows are detachable and interchangeable
(each set has one bow flipped upside down to show the snaps)

Back Row: Metamorphose, AP, offbrand
Front Row, Offbrand, offbrand (homemade by a friend!), offbrand


Back Row:  AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP
Second to back: Sanrio, Sanrio, AP, offbrand, AP, offbrand
Middle Row: Sorbet Jungle, offbrand, offbrand (vintage stamp), offbrand, offbrand, mintymix
Second to front: Mintymix, offbrand, Tasty Peach Studios, offbrand, Sorbet Jungle, mintymix
Front Row: All from a set from Claire's


Fair warning, these are in no particular order whatsoever

Angelic Pretty bunny pockets, Alice and the Pirates Queen of Ice and Snow

Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile, Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater

Innocent World Trompe L'oeil Lace, Innocent World Gertrude

Juliet et Justine Robe du Portrait la Dame, Alice and the Pirates St. Mephisto (with my dog sneaking in the photo)

Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron, Angelic Pretty Whimsical Vanilla Chan

Angelic Pretty Dream Fantasy, Angelic Pretty Merry Making Party

Angelic Pretty Milky Berry, Angelic Pretty Daydream Carnival

Angelic Pretty Marine Border, Angelic Pretty Whipped Magic

Angelic Pretty Happy Garden, Mary Magdalene Albertine

Innocent World Roman Trump, Angelic Pretty Girly Polka Dot (with a home added ruffle)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Snow Dot, Alice and the Pirates Relief

Emily Temple Cute red riding hood, Shirley Temple

Victorian Maiden Beth, Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Emily Temple Cute, Angelic Pretty Loyalty

Angelic Pretty Milky Fawn, Metamorphose coat

Blouses, cutsews, cardigans and camisoles

Emily Temple Cute, Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Baby the Stars Shine Bright (home tea dyed with added ribbon), Angelic Pretty

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Earth, Music, Ecology brand K-on collaboration, Metamorphose

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

Betsey Johnson, Innocent World

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

Innocent World, Innocent World, Innocent World

Victorian Maiden Beth, homemade, Victorian Maiden Beth

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, home made/altered

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, offbrand


From left to right
AP, AP, Btssb, IW, Swimmer
The elephant is also a little purse, gloomy bear is a pass case and Duffy is a little pochette

From top to bottom:
Left column: Totoro, AP, AP, AP, AP
Right column:  Sanrio, AP

Everything Btssb except the Swimmer scarf up against the wall


Innocent World Dot Jacquard Circus, Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty Wonder Trip (with added ruffle, needs altering)

Angelic Pretty melty chocolate, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cinderella

Angelic Pretty Candy Pop, Angelic Pretty Wonder Party

Angelic Pretty Wrapping Ribbon, Homemade (the first skirt I ever made years and years ago!)

Homemade underskirt

Main Petticoats
All are offbrand, most with some home alteration and addition of layers
One of them is from rinrinhime who apparently doesn't make them anymore as her LJ seems to have been deleted :(

Socks and Tights

Top: AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP
Bottom:  Offbrand, AP, AATP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP

Top:  Btssb?, IW, IW, IW, AP, offbrand, Btssb, AP, offbrand, Socks Dreams, Btssb, Socks Dreams

Bottom:  Btssb?, IW, IW, IW, offbrand, offbrand, offbrand, offbrand, BTSSB, offbrand, Sock Dreams, Btssb

These are both in the mail on their way to me.

Shoes and Boots

Back Row: AP, AP, IW, offbrand (home altered), An-Ten-Na, AP
Middle Row:  AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP
Bottom Row:  AP, AP, AP, AP, IW, IW

And for those curious this is how I display/store some of them X and X


Thank you for reading my insanely long wardrobe post!
I look forward to updating next year and continuing to watch for everyone else's :)

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